Web Design

We employ a number of very talented web designers who can craft for you a majestic and breath-taking web presence that truly represents your dermatology practice and puts its very best foot forward to both prospective patients and referents.

That said, we should be very clear that at our core we are a search engine optimization (seo) firm, so while the aesthetics of your website are of utmost importance to us, we will never participate in the creation of a website whose primary goal is not to be pleasing to search engines which can sometimes mean more sparse use of certain graphical elements.

For example, heavy use of flash animation can lead to an impressive web experience, but also flash is virtually invisible to search engines like Google, thus rendering your web presence almost entirely irrelevant.  That’s not to say we don’t use flash.  We do.  However, we use flash sparingly, tastefully and never in lieu of the solid, foundational text-based content that leads to search engine relevance and dominance.  Don’t worry, in the end, maintence of such ideals doesn’t lead to under-whelming websites; it leads to websites that are more tasteful and not tacky.

Perhaps you have an existing site whose design you are partial to, in which case we might suggest slight modifications to the end of better search engine performance. But in most cases we will be able to work with your existing design.

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