Social Media Brings Patients: Facebook, Twitter and More

A Great Place to Start: a Lush, Engaging Facebook Presence

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Your Facebook Presence Should Engage Patients and Set a Goal

Have you noticed how major corporations like Bud Light, Coke and others promote their Facebook page as much as their website if not more?  If you have not, then be on the look-out for it.

This is not a trend that will stop and if your dermatology practice is not leveraging the power of social media, it is sacrificing revenue.

Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media are the most exceptional forms of free advertising presently available.  They constitute an opportunity to present your brand to a limitless number of people, all of whom are prospective patients.

Good Social Media Design Is Good Business

Let us walk you through a scenario…

Let’s say we design a custom faceook page for your practice and then secure thousands of “likes” for that page specific to your particular region.  You could periodically post updates about your practice – such as 15%  off of Restylane – and have that in front of thousands of prospective patients.

Would you like to learn how to use social media to the advantage of your practice?

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Thousands of Your Potential Patients Are on Twitter…Are You?

Twitter for Dermatologists

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