Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” for Dermatology practices is the core of our focus.

When a prospective patient is looking for dermatological care and/or aesthetic services in a particular geographic locale, our clients are those practices whose website return most prominently within the search engine results.

SEO is a science that we have perfected and in creation of, we have infused this knowledge with an advanced knowledge of the specialty of Dermatology.

Our clients generally fall into one of four categories:

1) Dermatology practice with no existing web presence, but would like to increase patient volume through developing a web presence that ranks highly within search engines

2) Dermatology practice with an existing web presence, but it fails to rank highly for key search phrases

3) Dermatology practice with an existing web presence that ranks highly, but would like to further this web dominance and insure against their high rankings being usurped by area competitors.

4) Dermatology practice of a dermatologist in the twilight of their career, seeking to divest themselves of their practice, that presently has no web presence and would like one to the end of adding tangible value to their practice as well as its overall use in being a tool of succession planning for the practice.

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