Our Guarantees

We guarantee the following to our clients:

1) We will only work on websites that represent board-certified Dermatologists.

Our services will lead to an increase in patient visits for those practices who choose to use us.  As such, for our own peace of mind, we believe it to be incumbent upon us to assist only within the growth of those practices that represent the services of those who are either board eligible or board certified through the American Board of Dermatology or American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.

Your certification through the American Association of Physician Specialists or equivalent organization is not, in and of itself, adequate for use of our services, nor are your years of demonstrative capability.

Please do not send us angry emails around this matter.  We are not here to pass judgment on your ability to practice dermatology.  We have just chosen to implement the above standards since ultimately we are laypersons and therefore not qualified to determine your skill with respect to dermatology so we have chosen to leave that up to the above-mentioned boards.

In choosing a dermatologist for ourselves and for our loved ones, we would insist upon being seen by a board certified dermatologist, therefore we do not feel right steering web traffic to the websites of those lesser qualified than that which we would want ourselves.

2) We will only work with one Dermatologist in a particular city/metro-statistical area at one time.

We can only make a single entity rank #1 in Google for, say, “Atlanta Dermatologist,” so it would be outright unethical for us to work with multiple practices in that area.

There are no exceptions to this.  Even if you believe you have the blessing of our existing client, this is not a matter upon which we will be compromising.

3) We will never bind you to a long-term commitment.  We offer a simple, month-to-month arrangement, which you can cancel at any time.

Our motto on this matter is simple: “We have clients this month because they are happy with what we did last month.”

4) We will never disclose to another entity that you are using our services.

Your marketing strategy is a valuable, internal trade secret and we will keep it that way.

5) In the event you choose to discontinue use of our services, we will do nothing subsequently to harm your rankings in order persuade you to return to us.

It is admittedly sad that we have to make this guarantee, but in other, less ethical SEO firms, it is actually standard practice to “break links” and engage in other sort of behavior geared toward making a former client’s ranking drop in order to create incentive for them to return.  Quite simply, we will not do this.

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