Our Expectations

What we expect from our clients:

1) We expect (require) you to be either board eligible or board certified in Dermatology in order to benefit from use of our services.

As mentioned in the prior section, we will not be compromising on this matter.  We maintain these standards because some of the greatest consumers of SEO/SEM services within the healthcare world are those practicing unethically on the edge of their training.  For instance,  we have no interest in working on your Medispa’s website if it does not have the adequate supervision of a board-certified dermatologist.

2) Since #1 above will ultimately limit our revenue capabilities…

Provided you are happy with our services, we expect to receive word of mouth referrals from you to other dermatologists in other markets non-competitive with your own.  In fact, for every individual you refer to us, we will offer you a discount to your fees.

3) We want to work with you, but we expect that our recommendations be taken seriously.

We want your web presence to be an expression of the culture you have created within your practice, as well as your personal philosophy, so we expect that you have input within the creative process.  That said, our clients who ultimately do the best are the ones who let us work relatively unencumbered.  If you are unwilling to take direction in how your website can be better crafted for the purpose of being search engine friendly, then we are probably not the company for you.

4)  We expect you to have high expectations of us, but we also want you to be patient and reasonable

Increasing search engine position is not as simple as putting an ad in the Yellow Pages.  We will be able to demonstrate with monthly ranking reports a steady increase in ranking position, but it will NOT (in most cases) occur overnight.  This is a competitive industry and it will take some time to be #1 in Google.  If you are ever unhappy with our services, you are free to cancel at any time without penalty.

5) We expect you to ask questions.

We love to talk about this stuff and we will be very clear as to exactly what we plan to do for your site.  So ask away by clicking below…

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