Mobile Website Design

Your Patients Have Gone Mobile — Is Your Practice Ready?

Irrespective of your feelings over the fact that most people seem to walk around with their faces glued to an Iphone, you have to admit this phenomena affords the savvy dermatology practice further opportunity to promote their business.

Our clients websites all have mobile sites created so that those patients and prospective patients who choose to visit our sites from their smart phone will encounter a site created and optimized for viewing on a smaller screen.

In the event you do not have this, those who visit your site from a smart phone will encounter a site that makes it very difficult to get the information they probably are seeking (your phone number, email, etc.), whereas our mobile sites feature your pertinent information prominently for viewing on a mobile, as well as convenient features like “click to call.”

Is your practice’s website doing all it can to cater to the smart phone user?

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