Five Expert Web Marketing Tips to Double Your Derm Practice in 18 Months

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We help a lot of dermatologists with their marketing, and we’ve learned quite a bit in the last few years. Digital marketing is changing quickly with the advent of social media and the explosion of mobile devices. These five tips will help you get current with your digital marketing and acquire new patients faster than you ever imagined.

1. Show Mobile Users a Mobile Site

Our dermatologist clients see a significant number of visitors from mobile devices. A typical dermatology site will see between 15 and 20% of total visits come from users on mobile smartphones or small tablets. This is a very recent development, and one that cannot be ignored. Traditional desktop websites look horrid on mobile devices. Our suggestion is to employ an auto-detected mobile version of your website that displays automatically when someone visits your site from a mobile device. Visit Four Points Dermatology from a desktop, then a smartphone to see the effect.

2. Build Individual Web Pages for Individual Services, and Make Them Rank in Search

This is a simple technique that 95% of dermatologists miss entirely. Potential patients might make a Google query for “Dallas Dermatologist”–that’s a very popular query format (city name, followed by “dermatology” or “dermatologist”) . Ahh, but not all patients search the same way. Some might enter a more specific query like “Botox provider in Dallas”. That’s where your page strategy comes in. Some derms just make an injectibles/fillers page with Botox, Juvederm, etc., all on one page in paragraph format. But that’s not ideal for showing up in Google search. If each service has it’s own page, then the keyword focus for that page is more targeted and Google has a much easier time determining the page’s theme–and hence that page will rank better. The same goes for services like “cancer screening” and “laser lipo”. A few extra pages on your site might mean dozens of additional visits to your website in a month.

3. Include a “Call to Action”

This is Web Marketing 101 (Marketing 101, really), but many dermatology websites still fail this simple test. A call to action is an unambiguous invitation to undertake some specific contact with your practice. What action do you want your website visitors to take?

Here are some examples of Calls to Action that we’ve seen be effective for dermatology practices, and they take different forms depending on your conversion goals:

  • Call now to learn if Botox is right for you.
  • Sign up today for our email list to be notified of monthly specials and savings (more on this technique below).
  • Call now for a $50 coupon towards your first Juvederm treatment.

4. Build and Employ an Email Marketing List

This technique works like a charm for dermatologists. A dermatology practice that offers injectibles and fillers should ideally be doing a fair share of repeat business. Email lists offering monthly promotions and specials are the key to keeping your patients coming back for repeat treatments. Email marketing is easy to set up and though it takes time to build a list, once email marketing is underway the operating costs are quite low.

5. Control Negative Online Reviews

We all know online reviews are out of control, and we hear this a lot from our clients. Many of these sites are so visible online (that’s what they are good at) that it can impact your flow of inbound patients.

What’s the fix? Some negative reviews can be removed directly: some of the medical sites like are amenable to working with Doctors. Yelp and Google Places, however, will not remove reviews without a legal fight. But you can also fight the bad reviews with good reviews. You’ve got plenty of patients that love you–but unfortunately, they can be less vocal than angry patients. Here’s how to turn the tide in your favor:

  • Ask/encourage your patients to submit positive reviews. Offer a discount on a treatment if they post a review in your favor. One dental client of ours gave away a basic model electric toothbrush and got 30 positive reviews in a month.
  • Collect written patient surveys when patients exit and include a disclaimer to the effect of “you allow us to use your anonymous responses in our marketing”. Must patients will agree to that. Now you’ve got reviews to work with that your marketing team can employ.
  • Negative reviews left specifically for a former member of a group practice, or a former employee, can generally be disassociated with your practice by simply changing the address on that listing, or changing the title. In other words, the reviews stay, but it’s just not your practice’s review any more.

Each one of these tips–on their own–can easily impact your web marketing efforts by 20%. Some are easier than others, and yes, some will require some expert help to be completely effective.

Now, if you’d like any help building YOUR digital presence (through any of our no-contract, no-commitment plans)…

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