Conversion Rate Optimization

When a prospective patient visits your website and takes the necessary action (call, email, form-fill, etc.) to go from being a mere web lurker to an actual patient, that process is called “conversion” and there are many dermatology practices with websites that rank well, but convert poorly.

For instance, we see a lot of websites that have substantial content failing to convert quite often because the vastly informative nature of the site gets in the way of there being a distinct sales cycle.  We had a client recently who ranked #1 for “botox” in a particular locale because their practice has an exceptional amount of original content pertaining to botox injections.

They had so much information, in fact, that prospective patients seemingly were unsure whether they were at an actual practitioners site or at a site owned by Allergan.  How did we remedy this? Not by eliminating content, but by adding distinct calls to action (“call now,” “find out more,” etc.) and other content to make it very to the web user what was expected of them.

How do you suspect your website fares in this regards?  Is your website just an informative portal, or is it a “closer?”

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